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New York

Arbitrary Press was founded in 2020. We’re committed to publishing fine books across an array of genres working cooperatively with authors who share our vision.


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"A wild and schizophrenic ride through the backroads of the author's mind"

- Eric Goodman, author of Curveball and Cuppy and Stew

"Relatable and shockingly universal"

-Jene Galvin, retired educator

About Us


When I founded Arbitrary Press in 2020, it was after I'd published previous books with mainstream publishers like Harper Collins, Crown, and Simon & Schuster. Initially, the idea of Arbitrary was as an imprint to publish my own writing as well as books by some of my talented family. But almost immediately, I found myself being asked to publish books by authors who had initially come to me for editorial help.


Finding the mainstream marketplace inhospitable for various reasons, but not wanting to deal with the headaches of self-publishing, they decided that a cooperative model would work best for them. I take great pride in the books we're producing, both in terms of design and content. I will only publish books that I believe in and take pleasure in as a reader. In the space of fewer than two years, Arbitrary Press will have published eleven books. I hope there will be many more in the future.


Peter Alson, Editor in Chief


For any media inquiries, please contact editor, Peter Alson:

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