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Our Authors


Peter Alson is the author of seven books, including Game Ball and Other Essays, The Only Way To Play It, One of a Kind, and The Vig (originally published as Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie). He’s an editor, the founder of Arbitrary Press, and a one-time professional poker player. He lives with his wife, screenwriter Alice O’Neill, and daughter, Eden, around the corner from the house where he grew up in Greenwich Village.

Jake Ryan author photo_edited.jpg

Jake Ryan had his valve replacement/aortic aneurysm surgery over a dozen years ago and is currently in tiptop physical condition living in New York City. He’s a single dad, life coach, and TikTok-crushing content creator. @freejakeryan


Barbara Mailer Wasserman worked as a researcher on television documentaries and as an editor in publishing before retiring. She has lived in Greenwich Village for the past sixty-six years.

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Steven Paul Lansky lives in Clifton, an urban Cincinnati neighborhood. He likes to paint and sketch, play harmonica, and write poetry. His chapbook Main St. is out of print. Eleven Word Title for Confessional Political Poetry Originally Composed for Radio is locally available. His novella: A Black Bird Fell Out of the Sky was published in 2017, and a collection of vignettes and sketches, Life is a Fountain was published in 2018. His audiobook, Jack Acid may be found on Spotify and Apple Music.


Eden Alson is a junior in high school. The forthcoming Far From Here will be her second published novel.

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